Becoming Vegetarian

Yep, that’s right!

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been having a serious and pretty sustained focus on areas I’d like to change about myself, and meat-eating is one of them. The issue is quite simple; trying to reconcile care for animals with various lifestyle aspects, and I personally, can’t escape the thinking that if I do seriously care about animal welfare, then I should really can’t eat meat. Which is why whenever I’m out, away from home, I’m making an effort to ensure that I’m choosing vegetarian options.

So far, this has been a great experience. I’ve had some really tasty stuff which has only reinforced my belief that pretty much all good food comes from the far-east, but it would also be poor form to not mention a friend whose cooking is always fantastic. This is great, as it really makes me feel excited about gathering more options about what to eat, without feeling like you have to give up good food.

The main issue that I’m finding isn’t necessarily a lack of choice in some places, but more trying to get this stance across at home. Alternative dietary requirements isn’t a thing here, and while I’m still living at home, it’s not going to be catered too. It’s disappointing, but considering that if all aligns well, I might be moving out of home soon anyway so it won’t be a source of confrontation for too long. It’s disappointing, but it’s just not happening at home.

What’s a relief though is having good friends who can direct me through good choices to make while starting off, and avoiding some pitfalls I’ve seen, namely at university. I had one flatmate who always had some unseasoned, grilled vegetable mush for dinner every night, and now I know that it’s just a case of investing time in learning cooking skills that would remedy that!



2 thoughts on “Becoming Vegetarian

  1. Bravo. I found that if I offered to actually be the one to cook vegetarian options at home, others would eat them. That became quite popular.

    Your reasoning is valid, don’t let anyone mock you for it.


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